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The White Rose, situated on rue Dicks, off Avenue de la Liberté in the City Centre is a small English pub with a fairly dedicated client base comprised principally of British and Eastern European residents of Luxembourg. The bar is small, comprising a forward section with three screens on which sport is regularly shown, as well as a bar seating area and four tables, and a rear area with high tables and a dart board. Décor is limited to the usual posters advertising alcohol and wall paper that would not look out of place in one of those one star French hotels de charme. There is also an abundance of Newcastle United related paraphernalia which reflects the proprietor’s origins.

Like many British bars, there is a wider than normal selection of draught beers available, with Boddington’s, Guinness and Cider available alongside standard Luxembourgish lager. Furthermore, unlike many similar establishments, food is available: the standard Dany’s Snack range of frozen burgers, croque monsieur and hot dogs that can be found in native bars as well as a range of pies that are advertised with a spelling mistake that would make Dan Quayle proud. The White Rose has a quiz on alternate Thursdays which, as pub quizzes go, is on the difficult side and features prizes of spirits and a roll-over money jackpot. The bar is fairly busy most nights of the week as well as having a steady enough stream of patrons in the afternoon. It opens at midday during the week rather than at office closing time and in this regard provides a place to go for those at a loose end in the early afternoon who do not fancy sightseeing or other cultural activities, or have cultured themselves out. During the weekend, it usually host to regulars. It is quite rare for people to decide to go to the White Rose without already knowing it: as such, it probably does not have the diversity of clientele that can be found in other British or Irish bars. To a certain extent, this can be explained by the location: it is not especially near to alternative establishments, and quiz night aside, it is rather small and limited to spend a whole evening there. That said, service is perfectly friendly and it would be unfair to recommend that people don’t go there. There are just better situated and more agreeable alternatives.

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