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Despite having two previous incarnations (The Playground – precursor to the over-rated Elevator Bar in spirit and Pula Pula, a shortish-lived South African bar) The Tube has stayed steadfastly put for several years, and is becoming more raucous of a weekend evening with an increasing number of punters from all walks of life filling the small space. Why? As a venue it is somewhat unremarkable, even more so after they repainted the impressive optical illusion mural on the far wall with dark colours to reinforce the cave-like feel. They may attract DJs and advertise live sport on their blackboard, but neither of these factors enable it to offer anything different to anywhere else. Furthermore, the TV reception seems rather unreliable. It is virtually impossible to get a mobile phone signal either, once you step more than 25 centimetres from the door. The ladies toilets are also ill-equipped for more than about four guests, while the gents are at the bottom of a rather precarious staircase (about which more later). And it could be a contender for the award of smokiest bar in Luxembourg (given the way Europe is going, this could make it the continent’s de facto smokiest bar. So well done.)

So again I ask: why?

For a start, service is quick and friendly, even when the bar is busy. They offer free crisps and or peanuts to nibble upon and provide soakage. The crowd is diverse, with Scandinavians, Mediterraneans, British, Irish and Americans sharing space with visiting groups of tourists. There is also a legend going around that the Guinness served is particularly good for an establishment on the continent. I have it on good authority that this is the case, although the product is so harmonised these days that it isn’t any different from any other Irish or British place. But these reasons adequate? In themselves, probably not, but there are other factors to consider: the atmosphere is unpretentious and unthreatening compared to the plethora of up-themselves establishments that are beginning to emerge in the Grand-Duchy. People go to The Tube to drink and have fun. It may occasionally get messy, but that’s part of the charm. A word of warning though: mind the stairs. What seems easy at 9 o’clock may not be so easy at midnight…

The Tube
8, rue Sigefroi, Luxembourg City
Tel: 26 20 12 58
GPS: 49.611353/6.133922

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