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Some rooms can seem threatening to the uninitiated. Others can be inviting. Once you negotiate the well-sized and nicely appointed terrace, Oscar Wilde’s Irish Pub greets patrons with warm, dark green walls, homely and weighty grey curtains and those posters and portraits of Irish writers that are a hibernophile cliché from Temple Bar to Taipei. Perhaps such adornment is unavoidable given the theme of the place (and the name, obviously), but the overall feeling is like that of a library, or possibly the living room of an old-school unmarried uncle which has been rearranged for a civilised soiree.

This is no bad thing, illustrating the establishment’s strength: it is comfortable and laid back and as such represents a chilled out alternative to other places. Furthermore, they serve food beyond bar snacks: the Sunday Roast is notable and only adds to the domestic feel and smoking is not permitted during kitchen hours. Although Irish by nature, Oscar’s attracts a multinational crowd, who are perhaps more interested in a few quieter drinks than a wild night out. If that is what you are seeking, you’d be better to look elsewhere, and there are other places with an atmosphere more conducive to watching sporting events. But to meet friends and talk, Oscar’s is a good place to start a night out. A caveat: once installed, it can be difficult to leave the couches at the back of the bar on the ground floor!

Oscar’s boasts an upstairs room which is available for events and also plays host to twice-monthly concerts.

Oscar Wilde’s Irish Pub. 9, bisserwee, Grund, Luxembourg City

Tel: 26 20 30 15


  1. a lynch says:

    I am not sure what’s happened to this pub but it is sad to report that the service has deterioated greatly since the change of management. During a lunch time visit with my young family we were subjected to the rudest service we have ever experienced in Luxembourg from a waiter who was clearly under the influence (to be more precise he made an obscene gesture when I tried to catch his attention). What made it far worse was the fact that this was witnessed by the management who did not react in any way. Living in Luxembourg for more than ten years I remember when this was a decent place. My advice is to go elsewhere – there are plenty of other places nearby.

  2. Oafy says:

    I agree with the above review. We also found the service to be terrible at this place which is a real shame as the pub seemed quite promising at first. I would definitely not recommend this pub and will not be going back.

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