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Urban Bar and Kitchen, located at 2, rue de la Boucherie in the city centre, has been an established presence on the Luxembourg nightlife scene for several years now. Eschewing grandiose decoration and fittings, the bar keeps things simple and modern and could not be accused of being the epitome of comfort. It is frequented by a mixed crowd from students to professionals and many languages can be heard from the clients as well as the staff, with English and French being the pre-eminent ones.

Of all the venues in Luxembourg, Urban has arguably the most diverse clientele, from cool teenagers to forty-somethings drinking pints of cider, lager, Guinness or cocktails. From 12 until 6pm, the bar is non-smoking as typical UK or Irish style pub food is served all day. Quality is good, and portions are hearty, but the prices are somewhat high. After 6pm, it becomes a more standard pub, and is open until 1am every day except Fridays and Saturdays when their license is extended, and throngs of people spill out into the street leaving the bar itself oddly empty.

However, it is not showing signs of going out of fashion, and is a safe bet for evening drinks (although the staff may be reluctant to make you a cocktail on a busy night) or a lazy Sunday brunch, although it is not ideal for watching sports as the television is located above the door and music is usually favoured over commentary. At its best, on a warm weekend evening in summer though, Urban has a decent atmosphere and is an all round enjoyable place to be.

Tel: +352 26 478

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