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Wherever you are in the world, and wherever your employees are, the Luxembourg based company, MIXvoip, will improve the way your company communicates. Use your computer to make calls for free. MIXvoip provides your company with telephony infrastructure. MIXvoip offers telephony services that are remote, fully scalable and cost efficient; which ultimately makes it a part of the current cloud services boom.

VoIP Telephone

MIXvoip will improve the way your company communicates.

MIXvoip is a global service that enables your enterprise to contact people who are using the same system, anywhere in the world, completely free of charge. It is a service for landlines and mobiles that operates via your PC. Now you can enjoy face-to-face contact, as MIXvoip effortlessly connects any telephonic system to Skype. Online support is available at all times for any troubleshooting that might be required.

Why use MIXpbx?

MIXvoip has a self-developed system, known as MIXpbx. PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange. This is the name for a private telephone system, that operates within a company. MIXpbx is designed to be used for small to medium-sized businesses. Users of MIXpbx can communicate within their company via the channel created by MIXvoip. A PBX system enables you to have many more phones than phone lines, and is much more flexible than the alternative proprietary systems. MIXpbx continues to work at all times, even if the internet connection is broken. The stand-out features include:

  • Call transfer, call redirect and blind transfer
  • Call conferences with more than three participants
  • MP3 music on hold
  • Custom sequential routing options
  • Integration into your CRM and ERP system
  • Click to dial from Outlook to web-based applications
  • Softphone and web phone integration
  • Multi-company ready

MIXvoip is a fully-registered established company that is regulated by the ILR. Why not contact MIXvoip today? Find out how the growth and development of your business can be enhanced by using the innovative self-developed MIXpbx system.

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