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The most important Luxembourg facts

In the following text you are able to find the most important Luxembourg facts.

Luxembourg facts: Part 1 – Analysis of the population
  • Compared to other states of the European Union, Luxembourg is the smallest one. Only 465,000 people live in the grand duchy. According to this fact Luxembourg is the 20th smallest country of all independent states in the world.
  • In 2007 there were 181,000 immigrants in Luxembourg. This is a share of almost 40 % of the complete population. Most of them come from Portugal.


Luxembourg facts: Part 2 – Economy

Luxembourg is well-known as a financial country. In 2006 over 155 banks were located in the small state. In consequences of the low level of taxes you have to pay there, many people transfer their fund to the different banks of Luxembourg. Furthermore Luxembourg is one of the European Union centers.
The wages are higher than in other European countries. According to this the subsistence is also quite expensive. Many people work in Luxembourg, but they live in Germany or France because of lower rents. In many cases they are looking for houses or flats near to the Luxembourgish border.


Luxembourg facts: Part 3 – Geography


  • 2,586 sq. km.


  • Capital–Luxembourg City (pop. 94,000)
  • Other cities–Esch-sur-Alzette (pop. 30,000), Differdange (pop. 22,000), Dudelange (pop. 19,000)


  • Modified continental
  • rainy
  • mild summers
  • moderate snowfall in winter.


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