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Portal launches English edition

The portal ( is the official website of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is an online international gateway to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, providing one-stop and non-commercial access to information pertaining to the country.

The portal is the property of the Luxembourg State and is run by the Service information et presse du gouvernement (Information and Press Service of the Government), tasked among other things with providing information to the general public and promoting Luxembourg.

At the beginning of June 2012, the Service information et presse launched the English version of the portal (, dedicated to providing information to an international English-speaking public, foreigners and expatriates alike, showing interest in visiting, investing in or coming to live in the Grand Duchy or else already living there.

It is not merely a translation of the French edition, which has been online since 2009, but an abridged version better adapted to the specific needs of its target audience.

Indeed, while the French edition also responds to the needs of residents and attaches great importance to providing information and news, the English version is more focused on an international audience and emphasises the promotional dimension.

Like the French edition, the English version of the portal aims to provide easy, fast and user-friendly access to an abundance of general information pertaining to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


English-speaking Internet users can browse the following five sections:

  • Luxembourg at a Glance – section briefly outlining the Grand Duchy’s history, political institutions, cultural life, linguistic situation as well as its economy.
  • Visit Luxembourg – section providing useful information (accommodation, gastronomy, leisure pursuits, shopping, cultural outings, wellness…) for visitors to the Grand Duchy.
  • Invest in Luxembourg – section aimed at potential investors interested in investing in Luxembourg, helping them to establish contact with the key players of the economic sector.
  • Living in Luxembourg – section providing information on mobility, education, jobs and employment as well as the health system.
  • Practical Issues – section providing practical information, e.g. official public holidays, banking and business opening hours, visa requirements and public transport.


Specific services include a directory service, English-language publications, an image gallery on the Grand Duchy and promotional video clips from the “Is it true what they say about Luxembourg?” series.


The content of the portal is created by the Service information et presse, in collaboration with state actors from the tourism, culture and economy sectors.

The portal is the result of a collaboration with the Centre des technologies de l’information de l’Etat (State Information Technology Centre – CTIE) and complies with the ‘Renow’ standardisation charter of public Internet sites.


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