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LuxCloud Summit 2012, hosted by LuxCloud™, is a one day event featuring the top companies and minds in Internet cloud computing. This summit will explore the latest in cloud computing technologies and some of the possible problems involved with cloud computing. Cloud computing, or distributed computing, is a relatively new technology which encompasses the varying aspects of hosting connections over the Internet to operate software applications and perform tasks such as storage that were previously limited to individual workstations.

LuxCloud Summit 2012

LuxCloud Summit 2012

Speakers will include Marco Houwen, CEO and Founder of LuxCloud, as well as Datacenter Luxembourg Chairman. LuxCloud focuses on bringing SaaS services as a whole sale provider to Internet Service Providers and value added resellers. Also speaking will be Jesper Frederiksen, General Manager and Vice President of Parallels® division in Europe and North Africa. Parallels® is the maker of the popular Macintosh virtualization software “Parallels® Desktop for Mac”. LuxCloud Summit 2012 will feature discussions on how cloud computing can be an asset for your business. Insight into the advances made in cloud computing will be revealed as well. Complimentary training is offered to help your company get the greatest benefit from cloud computing. Enjoy the evening with dinner and drinks and an opportunity to further network with industry experts and peers in a more relaxed setting.

LuxCloud Summit 2012, a cooperative event featuring current and cutting edge technologies in cloud computing, can be of dramatic importance to your company’s bottom line. This is an opportunity to learn of the benefits of cloud computing and how to better employ cloud computing technologies. This summit is also the chance to learn the possible shortcomings of cloud computing technologies and possible ways to overcome these issues. Sponsors of the event include companies such as IBM, Microsoft®, Parallels®, and other top companies in the industry. LuxCloud Summit 2012 will be held on June 21, 2012 in Luxembourg.

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