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Cultural Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a strong cultural heritage from its rich history and the diverse flows of invasion and immigration. As part of this heritage are three officially recognized languages: French, German, and Luxembourgish. In addition, the two largest and well integrated immigrant communities, Portuguese and Italian, have brought their respective languages.

This mixture of nationalities and culture is reflected into museums, restaurants, the arts and major events and manifestations.

In 1995 and again in 2007, Luxembourg was named European Capital of Culture. The goal was to promote mobility and the exchange of ideas across borders.

Tourism and Travelling in Luxembourg

Being at the heart of Europe with great travelling connections, Luxembourg is a major touristic hub. The recent restructuring of the Luxembourg airport has contributed to a multiplication of flight offers and the improvement of the quality of its services.

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Finance and Business in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a high-income economy and low inflation and unemployment rates. It is the world's most-industrialized nation, having $53,290 in income per person.

The Luxembourg Financial sector has more than 150 credit institutions from 26 different countries (843 Milliard active Euros in 2006). Luxembourg is the number two in investment funds. After the United States, Luxembourg is the ninth financial sector worldwide.

The financial sector has experienced significant growth in the past decade and the city of Luxembourg has become a real financial hub with a number of products range and services: Private Banking, Corporate Finance, Investment Funds, Insurances, and Banks.

The Business sector is key and Luxembourg benefits from the European market. A number of projects and incentives to develop Business in Luxembourg have been proposed by the Minister of Commerce and Economy.

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